QA testing — we will help you to improve the product and increase profits.

Do you doubt the effectiveness of IT solutions? Want to run only the most reliable and proven product for customers? Strive to get maximum profit on the project? A dedicated team of testers works at Beomy for such goals.

We provide a full range of services for quality control of software and web products – from creating a roadmap for testing up to preparing reports and recommendations for improving innovative solutions.

Areas of predictive testing in Beomy:

  1. Functionality testing — we determine how much the software complies with the declared specification and initial technical requirements, including code and scenario audit.
  2. System testing — we test the software product in a simulated, similar to real, environment of functioning and determine the compliance of the final solution with the stated criteria.
  3. Performance testing — we determine how stable the system is to loads in the basic and stressful mode with measuring the points of the critical peak of working capacity.
  4. Security testing — we determine how vulnerable the software product is to hacker attacks, viruses, hacking, and other external threats.
  5. Usability testing — we check how simple, intuitive, and affordable for the target user the solution is.
  6. Cross-browser testing — we determine software compatibility with different operating systems and browsers.
  7. Mobile testing — we test the adaptability of sites, web applications, mobile development and services on various platforms.
  8. Localization testing — we determine the intelligibility of the interface translation for various countries of IT solutions release.
  9. Regression testing — we determine how much changes and additions to the software product have improved functionality, and whether defects have been eliminated.

 The goal of our team is to create all conditions for the successful implementation of your IT solutions from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the results of our testing, you can not only identify critical bugs and product defects but also improve the overall development process.

As a result of the work of our QA engineers, your company can:

  •       Reduce manufacturing defects by at least 20%;
  •   Reduce product development costs by an average of 10%;
  •       Speed up the release of flawless software, on average, by 25%.

 Why us?

  1. High team expertise in turnkey project packaging.
  2. Coordinated work of specialists based on Scrum and Agile methodologies to achieve maximum results.
  3. Really fresh, not overwritten decisions based on competent code and juicy design.
  4. Deep immersion in business process peculiarities for each project.
  5. Constant contact in the implementation process with regular clear reports.
  6. Clear fulfillment of obligations and observance of deadlines within the contract.
  7. Full business support from the idea to the commercialization of the project in all digital fields.

 Want to speed up your processes and engage a team of QA engineers right now? Tell us about your product and quality issues. Our specialist will contact you during the day and provide a solution evaluation!

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