Software Requirement Writing: clear requirements that help create the perfect product

Do you really want to develop the product you are planning? Need to adequately and clearly explain the requirements for future software? Strive to save money on improvements and changes to the application or service? You can not do without a properly drawn up Software Requirements Specification!

Software Specification is a document that describes in detail the product and its working logic.

Software specifications determine how the software will function and interact with the user and other software products.

Technical writers at Beomy will develop documentation for the following areas:

  • Specification for the development of desktop programs and services.
  • SRS for creating web applications and web resources.
  • Technical documentation for creating a mobile application.
  • Working requirements for the integration of services and systems, automation or optimization of technical processes.

The key points that we describe in the document:

  • General information about the software product. This section discloses information in the following areas: software goal, product purpose, user tasks solved by the product.

This section provides information from a marketing point of view in order to outline the project’s business tasks.

  • Features and product specifications. This part of the documentation describes the requirements for the visual component of the product, product functional chain, system features, non-functional conditions of product development.

This section describes in technical language the needs, tasks and (important!) restrictions that are set for a ready-made solution.

  • Additions and explanations. The specified section is placed in the specification in case there are “blind spots” – product elements, that are not resolved or not fully agreed upon. Also in this section, all abbreviations and explanations are indicated directly for developers. 

Principles of writing technical documentation

Based on our expertise not only in the development of SRS, but also directly in the creation of a finished product according to the specification, we identified 3 main principles by which we draw up the technical documentation.

Bilateral participation. This means that the representative of the investor should always participate in the process of writing technical documentation. The coordination of each item, each proposal should take place in parallel with the preparation of the specification.

The validity of decisions. Each function, each chain and each button should be reasoned and have an explanation. This will avoid deadlocks when the work pool does not bring results to the project.

Simplicity and clarity. Even a non-technical specialist, having read the documentation, must understand the concept and key elements of a future solution. This eliminates situations where requirements are twofold and may be misunderstood by developers.

Why us?

  1. High team expertise in turnkey project packaging.
  2. Coordinated work of specialists based on Scrum and Agile methodologies to achieve maximum results.
  3. Really fresh, not overwritten decisions based on competent code and juicy design.
  4. Deep immersion in business process peculiarities for each project.
  5. Constant contact in the implementation process with regular clear reports.
  6. Clear fulfillment of obligations and observance of deadlines within the contract.
  7. Full business support from the idea to the commercialization of the project in all digital fields.

Ready to start the first stage of developing your perfect software product? We will create a truly competent technical document, on the basis of which experts will create exactly the solutions that you want to see! Contact our manager and describe your tasks now.

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