IT Outsourcing: We implement projects anywhere in the world with the help of premium IT-specialists

 IT outsourcing is a transfer of functions for the development, maintenance, administration, implementation or technical support of software products to a remote team of specialists.

Beomy IT outsourcing involves both the transfer of some of the functions by specialists and a full range of work for the long term.

Services we offer in outsourcing for business:

  • Integrated software product development: from idea to promoting a turnkey solution.
  • The implementation of individual work stages within a large-scale project.
  • Analysis of design decisions and development of specifications for the in-house team.
  • Audit of web solutions and testing of software products.
  • Deployment and launch of IT startups.
  • Maintenance and technical support of the project.
  • Promotion of the project in the digital environment: SEO, ASO, SERM, SMM, content marketing, contextual advertising.
  • Implementation of business process automation solutions.
  • Integration of corporate services and networks.
  • Monitoring and administration of IT infrastructure.


We offer flexible options for cooperation with customers:

Dedicated project team Part-time team Single specialist support
You get a fully equipped team, ready to support your project from idea to release.  You will collaborate with a team of experts in the narrow field of web development to complete a separate phase of the project. The work of a specialist in a separate area of project expertise or technical post-release support for the product.


Advantages of working with outsourcing specialists:

High expertise of the development team. If you are tired of searching a worthy team with an adequate budget for development services, then cooperation with Beomy is your solution. Since our specialists with an impressive technical background are experienced precisely in the packaging of modern IT projects for the domestic and foreign market.

Save up to 20% of the budget on the maintenance of your own project team. You should not pay the working hours when your specialists do not contribute to the project. You pay directly for the result, and not for the physical presence of not involved specialists. 

Flexibility in the implementation process. Thanks to that you are getting a well-coordinated, working team, and not looking for individual specialists, you shorten the project duration and reduce the chance of mistakes due to the human factor.

Reduced workload on non-project staff. You get a full-cycle work: from tasks scoping to providing final reports. Thus, you free in-house staff from an additional routine.

Partnership with Beomy technical team guarantees a high level of service

Our team is committed to Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, T-shape principles.

This means that in any project we are not focused on processes, but on the result. We do not work for reports, but to create the perfect product. At the same time, our specialists regularly improve not only direct specialization skills, but also related competencies to look at IT projects from a different angle. Thus, you get a constantly upgraded team with a strong desire to implement truly complex, nonstandard, innovative projects. 

Why us?

  1. High team expertise in turnkey project packaging.
  2. Coordinated work of specialists based on Scrum and Agile methodologies to achieve maximum results.
  3. Really fresh, not overwritten decisions based on competent code and juicy design.
  4. Deep immersion in business process peculiarities for each project.
  5. Constant contact in the implementation process with regular clear reports.
  6. Clear fulfillment of obligations and observance of deadlines within the contract.
  7. Full business support from the idea to the commercialization of the project in all digital fields.


Evaluate how exactly we correspond to your ideas about the ideal outsourced development team. Send your technical task or specification right now to our manager, and we will be able to discuss the project details in 24 hours!

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