Being experienced developers of mobile services and applications, we closely monitor all the innovations and trends of the coming year. We have identified the TOP-5 essential application characteristics that will accurately ensure the success of your startup in 2020.

#1 Block for game applications

According to Gartner, the capitalization of the industry with blockchain methods will exceed $ 3 billion by 2030. And if earlier blockchain technology was used only for fin-tech projects, now the era of a tool implementation into the gaming space is opening. In combination with IoT, the technology will allow improving the application operation several times by accelerating and increasing transaction security. Moreover, innovative approaches have been already implementing the push notifications sending, user account management and integration with various cloud services through the blockchain.

#2 Artificial intelligence as the author of a strategy for mobile applications development

The implementation of artificial intelligence is no longer news in the world of mobile development. Giants such as Replika, Siri, IRIS, Cortana, Google Assistant, and FaceApp have been already actively using the capabilities of the AI and Machine Learning world. Though, collecting real-time analytics and important data in a compartment with complex scripts will not only surprise application users but also help developers. So, the data of chatbots and virtual assistants can be used in the near future to build the ideal application infrastructure, improve platforms and other significant changes.

#3 Smartphone alarms and sensors as a direct selling tool

Today, Apple has already successfully implemented iBeacon technology, which allows you to inform potential consumers that the product they might be interested in is on the store shelves nearby. Although the system has a minor drawback, the notification is possible only through special applications. But it is assumed that in 2020 this technology will be improved and scaled due to changes, including in the infrastructure of the mobile gadgets themselves.

 #4 Virtual and Augmented Reality

Nowadays, you can hardly be surprised by applications with virtual and augmented reality like PokemonGo.  However, until that time VR and XR were possible only for individual users with a special headset. This created social barriers – the lack of the possibility of playing together, which reduced the importance of technological breakthrough in the users’ eyes. According to experts, the three largest brands of gadgets VR / XR are already developing technologies for integrated virtual reality. This will truly be a breakthrough in the world of mobile games.

#5 Cloud technologies go to the next level

Binding applications through functions similar to the Instant App will allow the business to capture not only a new audience but also new positions when competing with more “flat” services. Many companies are already actively using the remote application storage function when the smartphone has only the core for switching to full-format use.

Of course, in 2020 we should expect much more innovations in the world of mobile applications, but we at Beomy are sure that these 5 will turn the industry upside down.

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