Based on sufficient expertise both in the in-house team and in outsourced development, we have gathered for you the key points you should pay attention to when looking for specialists to implement an IT startup.

The level of specialists expertise is underestimated fact

The effectiveness of the decisions that are implemented directly depends on the competence of each individual specialist. Talking about the in-house team, it is difficult to evaluate the skills of each individual specialist before working in the office, even despite the technical background indicated in the CV. So, implementing a commercial solution, when every hour of delayed-release costs thousands of dollars, the lack of real skills for specialists can lead to huge financial losses. Sure, you can nurture experts within the company, but often startups have neither time nor money to do this. As a result, mistakes in choosing developers for in-house has significant risks, which business will cover precisely from its own pocket.  

Of course, it is not always possible to be sure of the expertise of the outsourcing team programmers. But the transfer of risks directly to a remote company, which is always taken into account when signing an agreement, plays an important role in cooperation with such a company.

For example, in Beomy, we have already developed a scheme for testing the skills of new specialists. At the same time, we know how to cover risks in case of unforeseen situations. As a result, the client always receives a clean code of the highest standard without terms delay.

Teambuilding directly affects the result of IT solutions

Any company is a synergy of work of various specialists. Properly organized interaction of all team members can save up to 20% of time when creating a product from scratch, in addition, it saves up to 30 thousand dollars a year for medium-sized businesses. During conflicts and downtimes, the company loses profit, spends money on finding new specialists, pays extra hours of work to employees who temporarily perform the functions of a lost team member.

It is impossible to create an in-house team from scratch without unforeseen situations. 

Creating an inhouse-team from scratch without unforeseen situations is impossible. Moreover, competent assistance from specialists in motivation and team building will be required.

Collaboration with outsourcing teams completely eliminates organizational risks. Since outsourced developers are an already formed team that has shown effectiveness by the implementation of many projects.

We at Beomy have already passed the stage when the team got used to organization form of work and developed internal mechanisms for managing the performance of each individual specialist.

Cost-effective product development: save or lose?

You have to prepare IT infrastructure for the work of the in-house team: high-performance tablets and laptops, licensed software, paid services. So, the cost of organizing the workplace for one specialist can even exceed the amount of payment for the time of one developer. It is much more profitable when all the paid software and infrastructure are purchased for several projects, then the amount of routine costs does not exceed 5-10% of the total project implementation cost.

Such a work system is used in outsourcing companies. After all, the entire infrastructure is household expenses, which often are not even included in the project cost.

The Beomy team fully bears all the costs of IT infrastructure within the project. However, a startup covers only the cost of specialists’ work, which saves up to 30% of the budget.

Besides, our specialists are geographically located in Israel and Ukraine, where the cost of renting a workspace is 3-5 times lower than in other cities in Europe or the United States. Therefore, the cost of the turnkey project with Beomy will ensure the competent quality of the final product without overpayments.

If you are still looking for a reliable team with high contact, affordable rates, and sufficient competency to implement complex, large-scale projects, we are ready to develop your turnkey IT startup. Contact our manager to discuss the details of the technical specification and get detailed information right now!

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