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How to create RFP: preparation guidelines for future IT startups

Not sure how to get a price quote for developing your IT startup? Our RFP creation guide will help you. It will help you to understand how to explain your requirements for a future software product and get the most appropriate offer from development companies. Why do you need RFP? RFP (Request for proposal) is

IT-startup: outsourcing or in-house development team? 

Based on sufficient expertise both in the in-house team and in outsourced development, we have gathered for you the key points you should pay attention to when looking for specialists to implement an IT startup. The level of specialists expertise is underestimated fact The effectiveness of the decisions that are implemented directly depends on the

Fixed project and hourly payment: what to choose in your case?

So, you decided to implement the planned project. But when you want to understand the cost of work, it all comes down to the question of “fixed or hourly payment”. Why is this important, and what does the development budgeting system affect in general? The IT services market assessment results show that the average budget

TOP-5 features of a perfect mobile application in 2020 

Being experienced developers of mobile services and applications, we closely monitor all the innovations and trends of the coming year. We have identified the TOP-5 essential application characteristics that will accurately ensure the success of your startup in 2020. #1 Block for game applications According to Gartner, the capitalization of the industry with blockchain methods

User interface: what customer requirements will be relevant in the new year?

User Interface (UI) should satisfy the aesthetic needs of the client by improving the visual component of the product. But the trend of 2020 is not the interface of the product itself, but the download speed and methods of transferring content. What other key innovations will bring us a new year in design? Maximum meaning,