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Our team is development experts. That is why we can provide high-quality code, effective design, and competent support. We are truly responsible for all obligations towards the business – from scrupulous adherence to deadlines to comprehensive support of the company at all stages of product implementation. Cooperating with us, you will get guaranteed benefits even in the long term.  We develop solutions that exactly match the current needs of exactly your market. At the same time, we provide full customer inclusiveness – you always know how the project is progressing and what results are being achieved right now!

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Our company has impressive experience in the field of complex packaging of startups and innovative products. That is why we are focused both on small and medium-sized companies, which have just begun their path of growth and promotion, and on large-scale companies. Our mission is to make any client project successful in the shortest possible time by means of IT solutions. Thanks to a complete immersion in the business peculiarities, regardless of the industry of operation, we will ensure the comprehensive fulfillment of tasks and the achievement of your company goals.

Stages of cooperation with us


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Setting goals and tasks. Collection of information.


Task analysis

Complete requirements analysis. Discussion of details and definition of requirements.


Estimate time

Preparation of technical specification. Determination of the implementation period.



Work process modeling. Distribution of tasks between the team.



Development of UI/UX product visualization.



Creation of a comprehensive design concept for software solution.


Program logic

Development of database structure and program logic.



Complex development of software solutions.



Testing of IT solutions in a real environment.



Implementation of a software product in a client’s business processes.



Customer support and accompaniment, assessment of the results effectiveness.

Collaboration models

Beomy is a company focused on competent processes that provide an effective result. That is why we are ready to offer customers two forms of payment that are suitable for projects of any direction and scale.

Project payment

The project budget is approved before the start of work and remains unchanged until the delivery of the ready software product.

Advantages Disadvantages
Fixed cost Inability to make changes in the implementation process
Project completion deadline is known beforehand The result is clearly limited by the technical task for the entire project
The constant list of works Implementation deadlines are set taking into account unforeseen situations
Transferring risks to the development company Work begins after prepayment

Hourly payment

The cost of team work or specialist per hour is evaluated within the project.

Advantages Disadvantages
Payment for the project is divided into parts The exact final cost of the project may vary during the implementation process
The ability to make changes or additions to the project during the implementation process It is difficult to predict the exact release date
The opportunity to start the project after discussing the first details It is complex to evaluate the final form of a software product
The customer can evaluate the project in stages Constant monitoring and communication from the client is required

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